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Aluminum Fence Accessories

Aluminum Fences Direct offers a vast assortment of accessories to add to your fence.

Although all of our styles of fencing are beautiful, elegant, and secure, we are always trying to meet the specific tastes of our customers. When you’re putting up a fence around your property, yard or pool, it’s something that you’re going to be looking at for the life of your home. You want it to be just right, and it’s important to make that decision at the start, when you’re just setting out in choosing a design for your fence.

Finials & Caps

When it comes to finials, there’s more to it than just a spike. A finial says a lot about the personality of the fence. Whether the Monarch, Victorian, or Imperial, each finial will give a flavor to the fence and send a message to all who see it about the value you place on looking good. The Monarch, with its simple fleur-de-lis design is perfect for a traditional, but elegant home. The Victorian has the taste of British splendor, both formal and yet not ostentatious. And the Imperial is classic and never goes out of style.

And while you can cap a post with a plain rectangular cap, why not add the flare of a ball cap, a sign of security and solidarity.


But it’s not just the tops of the fence where your piece can shine. You can highlight the base with a deck mount cover that shows that your fence is not merely secured to the deck with a piece of hardware (as sturdy as that may be) but is covered with an architectural detail that enhances the full profile of the fence and sets it apart from other, lesser options.


While we’re talking about architectural details, we have to mention the scroll work, both the small scrolls that can fit at the top of a fence, especially with a design of the Sierra style, or any fence can make good use of the large scroll, adding character and an eye-catching flare that will draw the eye to your stylish fence.

Latches & Locks

And just because we’re talking about beautifying elements of the fence, don’t forget the hardware that will be used day in and day out: the latches and locks. We have a variety of latches for whatever your needs or preferences are. Maybe you want the one-sided, lockable latch, but maybe you want something double-sided. And don’t forget the magnetized options. You can really get exactly what you want, and all for a reasonable price that will last a lifetime.

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