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Aluminum Fence Options

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  • Fully Bespoke

  • Weather Resistant

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Exceptional Durability

  • Competitively Priced

Aluminum Fence Panels in a Variety of Styles

Crafted with craftsmanship, the style is versatile. Customized aluminum fence, from classic retro to minimalist modern, with a variety of choices to meet your unique aesthetic. Durable and corrosion-resistant, meticulously crafted to create a safe and artistic landscape for your courtyard.

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Additional Fence Styles and Options

Aluminum Fences Direct offers a vast assortment of accessories to add to your fence. Although all of our styles of fencing are beautiful, elegant, and secure, we are always trying to meet the specific tastes of our customers. When you’re putting up a fence around your property, yard or pool, it’s something that you’re going to be looking at for the life of your home. You want it to be just right, and it’s important to make that decision at the start, when you’re just setting out in choosing a design for your fence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is the actual fence?

Except where it is noted, the fence height is the actual length of the pickets. The post usually extends an inch or so above the pickets.

Can fence bend or curve to make round turn?

If your fence line curves, even though the sections don't bend, the sections can easily be angled in the posts up to 10 degrees per side of the post or 20 degrees if you turn the post 10 degrees first.  This will follow most curves. For a very tight curve, just cut the sections in half and put another post between the two sections. The sections themselves cannot be bent without ruining their structural integrity.

What size gate opening do I need for my gates?

Our swing gates are sold by their opening size, so a 48" gate fits into a 48" opening between posts. The gates will hang flush with the face of the hinge post and latch onto the face of the opposite post. Usually an extra 1/4" added between posts is a good idea… making it 48 1/4" opening for a 4' wide gate.