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Product short description

Watermark Small Wide Concealed Cistern G3008

Apply for Floor Installation Toilet
ABS/304SS/Glass button options

Watermark Small Wide Concealed Cistern G3008

Products specifiaction:

Material:HDPE+304SS Frame
Apply to wall hung toilet 
With frame
Flush adjust:3L~6L/3L~4.5L/2L~4L
Panel Size:245*165mm
Front Buttom

Watermark Small Wide Concealed Cistern G3008

The outstanding point:

This wide of this concealed cistern is smaller than normal concealed cistern just 497mm wide. Which will be good choice of not enough space to install the cisterns into wall .

What application of concealed cistern:

1. Small bathroom which not enough space to install one-piece or two-piece toilet.

2. Luxury design bathroom which need a luxury toilet design.

3. Somebody want their bathroom more clear and bright.

What is the advantage of concealed cistern?

1. Save bathroom sapce and luxury design bathroom .Many designer loves this bathroom design.

2.Easy to maintain if any problem happened. Just take away the panel than can repair any parts have problem.

3.HDPE material which durable won't leak any time .

What is different of frame and half-frame conceal cistern?

Only the frame different . Full frame will be stronger but semi-frame will be cheaper . Just depend on your budget .