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Plastic Shelf Support Pegs 50pcs 5mm Cabinet Shelf Clips Shelf Bracket Holder Pegs for Kitchen Furniture Book Shelves Supplies

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Plastic shelf support pegs

What is a shelf support peg?

It is mostly used in panel furniture, especially in wardrobes, shoe cabinets, bookcases and other cabinet-style layered furniture. One end is fixed on the side wall of the furniture or the wall, and the other end is parallel to the ground, and the wooden or glass laminates are placed on the shelf support to separate the upper and lower spaces of a cabinet.

plastic shelf pegsplastic shelf pegs


  • Use a drill with the same diameter as the pin to process a mounting hole slightly larger than 0.2mm/0.01". If the diameter of the hole is too bigger than the shelf pin, you can wrap a circle around it with paper strips or tape.
  • Insert the pin rod on the laminate and put the partition on it.
  • Notice: Generally, 2 pieces are installed on the left and right sides of a partition, a total of 4 pieces. If the items placed on the partition are heavy, 3 to 4 pieces can be installed on each side to increase the bearing capacity.