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Tube Cutter/ Manual Hand Tools/Tube Shear Cutter For Copper Aluminum Stainless Steel Corrugated Pipe Roller Pipe Cutter

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The Imperial tube cutters set the benchmark for all tube cutters, serving as the standard of comparison. They are perfect for cutting metal tubing in any application, meticulously crafted with precision and equipped with thrust bearing feed to ensure seamless cutting action.


  • A hardened steel, thrust bearing feed mechanism enclosed in the device ensures smooth cutting action and trouble-free operation.
  • The unique design of the device prevents spiralling, guaranteeing clean, right-angle cuts every time.
  • The device is crafted with high precision machining and construction, allowing for a 1-piece screw-type axle that provides easy access to the cutter wheel, without the need for a clip that could be lost or require replacement.
  • The body of the device is made from a rugged aluminum alloy, designed for ease of handling, and hand-buffed and nickel chrome plated for a high-lustre finish.
  • A foldaway hardened steel reamer with a turned cutting edge removes inside burrs cleanly, while a filing surface removes outside burrs.
  • Imperial cutter wheels, made from the highest quality wear and abrasion-resistant chromium steel, are precision machined to exacting specifications to ensure accurate cutting and long life. Each tool is supplied with a spare cutter wheel.
  • Rollers feature a flare cut-off groove that reduces tube loss when removing damaged flares.
  • All Imperial tube cutters undergo 100% factory testing to ensure accurate, spiral-free cutting.