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Product short description

EKM1-63 MCB 6kA Miniature Circuit Breaker

● Standard: IEC60898-1
● Type of trip: Thermo-magnetic
● Rated current: 1~63A
● Rated voltage: 230/400V~240/415V
● Number of poles: 1P,2P,3P,4P,1P+N,3P+N
● Rated short-circuit breaking capacity: 6kA
● Tripping curve: B, C, D
● Ambient air temperature: -25...+40 ºC
● Connection: From top and bottom
● Certificates: CB, CE, TUV

Product Profile

EKM1-63 MCB has much longer service life thanks to energy-storage operating mechanism; Enclosure and functional parts made from imported plastics with flame-retardant, heat-resistant, and impulse-proof properties; Higher current-limiting capacity ensuring a cost-effective range of products.

Technical Data

Standard IEC60898-1
Protection Overcurrent and short circuit
Type of trip Thermo-magnetic
Rated Current 1,2,3,4,5,6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63A
Poles 1P, 1P+N, 2P, 3P, 3P+N,4P
Rated voltage Ue 240/415V
Insulation voltage Ui 500V
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Rated breaking capacity 6,000A
Energy limiting class 3
Rated impulse withstand voltage (1.2/50) Uimp 4,000V
Dielectric test voltage at ind. Freq. for 1 min 2kV
Pollution degree 2
Thermal release characteristic (1.13-1.45) x In
Magnetic release characteristic B:(3-5) x In, C:(5-10) x In, D:(10-20) x In
Electrical life 4,000 Cycles
Mechanical life 10,000 Cycles
Contact position indicator Yes
Protection degree IP20
Reference temperature for setting of thermal elements 30℃
Ambient temperature (with daily average≤35℃) -5℃~+40℃, Max.95%humidity
Terminal connection type Cable/Pin-type busbar
Max. terminal size for cable 25mm
Max. Tightening torque 2.5Nm
Mounting Mounting on 35mm DIN rail
Connection From top and bottom


Circuit Diagram


Installation size


Product selection form

EKM1-63 6KA Circuit Breaker
Poles Rated Current (A) B Curve C Curve D Curve
1P 1A EKM1-63-1B01 EKM1-63-1C01 EKM1-63-1D01
2A EKM1-63-1B02 EKM1-63-1C02 EKM1-63-1D02
3A EKM1-63-1B03 EKM1-63-1C03 EKM1-63-1D03
4A EKM1-63-1B04 EKM1-63-1C04 EKM1-63-1D04
5A EKM1-63-1B05 EKM1-63-1C05 EKM1-63-1D05
6A EKM1-63-1B06 EKM1-63-1C06 EKM1-63-1D06
10A EKM1-63-1B10 EKM1-63-1C10 EKM1-63-1D10
16A EKM1-63-1B16 EKM1-63-1C16 EKM1-63-1D16
20A EKM1-63-1B20 EKM1-63-1C20 EKM1-63-1D20
25A EKM1-63-1B25 EKM1-63-1C25 EKM1-63-1D25
32A EKM1-63-1B32 EKM1-63-1C32 EKM1-63-1D32
40A EKM1-63-1B40 EKM1-63-1C40 EKM1-63-1D40
50A EKM1-63-1B50 EKM1-63-1C50 EKM1-63-1D50
63A EKM1-63-1B63 EKM1-63-1C63 EKM1-63-1D63
2P 1A EKM1-63-2B01 EKM1-63-2C01 EKM1-63-2D01
2A EKM1-63-2B02 EKM1-63-2C02 EKM1-63-2D02
3A EKM1-63-2B03 EKM1-63-2C03 EKM1-63-2D03
4A EKM1-63-2B04 EKM1-63-2C04 EKM1-63-2D04
5A EKM1-63-2B05 EKM1-63-2C05 EKM1-63-2D05
6A EKM1-63-2B06 EKM1-63-2C06 EKM1-63-2D06
10A EKM1-63-2B10 EKM1-63-2C10 EKM1-63-2D10
16A EKM1-63-2B16 EKM1-63-2C16 EKM1-63-2D16
20A EKM1-63-2B20 EKM1-63-2C20 EKM1-63-2D20
25A EKM1-63-2B25 EKM1-63-2C25 EKM1-63-2D25
32A EKM1-63-2B32 EKM1-63-2C32 EKM1-63-2D32
40A EKM1-63-2B40 EKM1-63-2C40 EKM1-63-2D40
50A EKM1-63-2B50 EKM1-63-2C50 EKM1-63-2D50
63A EKM1-63-2B63 EKM1-63-2C63 EKM1-63-2D63
3P 1A EKM1-63-3B01 EKM1-63-3C01 EKM1-63-3D01
2A EKM1-63-3B02 EKM1-63-3C02 EKM1-63-3D02
3A EKM1-63-3B03 EKM1-63-3C03 EKM1-63-3D03
4A EKM1-63-3B04 EKM1-63-3C04 EKM1-63-3D04
5A EKM1-63-3B05 EKM1-63-3C05 EKM1-63-3D05
6A EKM1-63-3B06 EKM1-63-3C06 EKM1-63-3D06
10A EKM1-63-3B10 EKM1-63-3C10 EKM1-63-3D10
16A EKM1-63-3B16 EKM1-63-3C16 EKM1-63-3D16
20A EKM1-63-3B20 EKM1-63-3C20 EKM1-63-3D20
25A EKM1-63-3B25 EKM1-63-3C25 EKM1-63-3D25
32A EKM1-63-3B32 EKM1-63-3C32 EKM1-63-3D32
40A EKM1-63-3B40 EKM1-63-3C40 EKM1-63-3D40
50A EKM1-63-3B50 EKM1-63-3C50 EKM1-63-3D50
63A EKM1-63-3B63 EKM1-63-3C63 EKM1-63-3D63
4P 1A EKM1-63-4B01 EKM1-63-4C01 EKM1-63-4D01
2A EKM1-63-4B02 EKM1-63-4C02 EKM1-63-4D02
3A EKM1-63-4B03 EKM1-63-4C03 EKM1-63-4D03
4A EKM1-63-4B04 EKM1-63-4C04 EKM1-63-4D04
5A EKM1-63-4B05 EKM1-63-4C05 EKM1-63-4D05
6A EKM1-63-4B06 EKM1-63-4C06 EKM1-63-4D06
10A EKM1-63-4B10 EKM1-63-4C10 EKM1-63-4D10
16A EKM1-63-4B16 EKM1-63-4C16 EKM1-63-4D16
20A EKM1-63-4B20 EKM1-63-4C20 EKM1-63-4D20
25A EKM1-63-4B25 EKM1-63-4C25 EKM1-63-4D25
32A EKM1-63-4B32 EKM1-63-4C32 EKM1-63-4D32
40A EKM1-63-4B40 EKM1-63-4C40 EKM1-63-4D40
50A EKM1-63-4B50 EKM1-63-4C50 EKM1-63-4D50
63A EKM1-63-4B63 EKM1-63-4C63 EKM1-63-4D63
1P+N 1A EKM1-63-1NB01 EKM1-63-1NC01 EKM1-63-1ND01
2A EKM1-63-1NB02 EKM1-63-1NC02 EKM1-63-1ND02
3A EKM1-63-1NB03 EKM1-63-1NC03 EKM1-63-1ND03
4A EKM1-63-1NB04 EKM1-63-1NC04 EKM1-63-1ND04
5A EKM1-63-1NB05 EKM1-63-1NC05 EKM1-63-1ND05
6A EKM1-63-1NB06 EKM1-63-1NC06 EKM1-63-1ND06
10A EKM1-63-1NB10 EKM1-63-1NC10 EKM1-63-1ND10
16A EKM1-63-1NB16 EKM1-63-1NC16 EKM1-63-1ND16
20A EKM1-63-1NB20 EKM1-63-1NC20 EKM1-63-1ND20
25A EKM1-63-1NB25 EKM1-63-1NC25 EKM1-63-1ND25
32A EKM1-63-1NB32 EKM1-63-1NC32 EKM1-63-1ND32
40A EKM1-63-1NB40 EKM1-63-1NC40 EKM1-63-1ND40
50A EKM1-63-1NB50 EKM1-63-1NC50 EKM1-63-1ND50
63A EKM1-63-1NB63 EKM1-63-1NC63 EKM1-63-1ND63
3P+N 1A EKM1-63-3NB01 EKM1-63-3NC01 EKM1-63-3ND01
2A EKM1-63-3NB02 EKM1-63-3NC02 EKM1-63-3ND02
3A EKM1-63-3NB03 EKM1-63-3NC03 EKM1-63-3ND03
4A EKM1-63-3NB04 EKM1-63-3NC04 EKM1-63-3ND04
5A EKM1-63-3NB05 EKM1-63-3NC05 EKM1-63-3ND05
6A EKM1-63-3NB06 EKM1-63-3NC06 EKM1-63-3ND06
10A EKM1-63-3NB10 EKM1-63-3NC10 EKM1-63-3ND10
16A EKM1-63-3NB16 EKM1-63-3NC16 EKM1-63-3ND16
20A EKM1-63-3NB20 EKM1-63-3NC20 EKM1-63-3ND20
25A EKM1-63-3NB25 EKM1-63-3NC25 EKM1-63-3ND25
32A EKM1-63-3NB32 EKM1-63-3NC32 EKM1-63-3ND32
40A EKM1-63-3NB40 EKM1-63-3NC40 EKM1-63-3ND40
50A EKM1-63-3NB50 EKM1-63-3NC50 EKM1-63-3ND50
63A EKM1-63-3NB63 EKM1-63-3NC63 EKM1-63-3ND63