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Product short description

EKL9-40(H) RCBO 6kA/10kA Electronic Type Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker

● Standard: IEC61009-1
● Type: AC, A
● Rated current: 6~40A
● Rated voltage: 230/240~
● Number of poles: Two Poles
● Rated Residual Operating Current (IAn): 10, 30, 100, 300mA
● Rated short-circuit breaking capacity: 6kA, 10kA
● Tripping curve: B, C
● Ambient air temperature: -25...+40 ºC
● Connection: From top and bottom
● Certificates: CE, CB, UKCA, SAA

EKL9-40 products provide protection against earth faults, overloads, short circuits and over-voltage in commercial and domestic installation. The RCBO with both disconnected neutral and phase guarantees its proper actuation against earth leakage faults even when the neutral and phase are wrongly connected the electronic RCBO incorporate a filtering device preventing the risks of unwanted due to transient voltages and transient currents.

  1. This is RCBO can be wired from the bottom and top.

  2. Provides protection against earth fault/leakage current and function of isolation.

  3. High short-circuits current withstand capacity.

  4. Applicable to terminal and pin/fork type busbar connection.

  5. Equipped with finger protected connection terminals.

  6. Fire resistant plastic parts endure abnormal heating and strong impact.

  7. Automatically disconnect the circuit when earth fault/leakage current occurs and exceeds the rated sensitivity.

  8. Independent of power supply and line voltage, and free from external interference, voltage fluctuation.

  9. Rated current can reach up to 40A.

Technical Data

Standard IEC/EN61009-1
Ground fault, Overcurrent and short circuit
Type of trip
Ground fault: Electronic
Overload and short circuit: Thermo-magnetic
No. of poles
1P+N,1 Module, N line with disconnected
Type AC, A
Rated current In 6,10,16,20,25,32,40A
Rated sensitivity currents I△n
Residual current off-time under I△n ≤0.1s
Reted residual making and breaking capacity (I△m) 500A(In≤50A)
Rated voltage Ue 240V~
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Rated breaking capacity 6kA,10kA
Energy limiting class 3
Rated impulse withstand voltage (1.2/50) Uimp 4,000V
Dielectric test voltage at ind. Freq. for 1min 2kV
Thermal release characteristic
(1.13-1.45) x In
Magnetic release characteristic
B:(3-5) x In, C:(5-10) x In
Electrical life 4,000 Cycles
Mechanical life 10,000 Cycles
Contact position indicator Yes
Protection degree IP20
Ambient temperature -25℃~+40℃, Max.95% humidity
Terminal connection type Cable/Pin-type busbar
Max. terminal size for cable
Max. tightening torque 2.5N.m
Mounting on 35mm DIN rail
From top and bottom


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