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Product short description

Australian Watermark Intelligent Toilet Seat S300

Functions: Remote Control,Auto Flush,Remote Control Flushing,Auto Seat Open/Close,Night Light,Rectal Cleaning,Bidet Cleaning,Oscillating Cleaning,Nozzle Position Adjustment,Nozzle Cleaning,Heated Seat and ect functions.


Australian Watermark Intelligent Toilet Seat Manufacturer S300

WMTS-051 certificate and AS 1172.1 & AS 1172.2 approved.


Product specification:


Seat Cover:ABS

P-trap:180mm( Tornado+Jet)

S-trap:160-330mm( Tornado+Jet)

Material: Ceramic Pan+ABS toilet seat

220-240V SAA socket

Tankless Design


Detail of the feature:

Features Details of Feature 
Remote Control Enables user to reach all adjustments:
Lid & Seat Open & Close
Oscillating Cleaning
Pulsating Cleaning
Bidet Cleaning
Rectal Cleaning
Water Pressure Control
Water Temperature Control
Nozzle Position Adjustment
Seat Heat Adjustment
Air Dryer Heat Adjustment
Auto Flush YES
Remote Control Flushing YES
Auto Seat Open/Close Lid opens when user gets close to WC
Control Auto open close function via remote controller (Remote control could open and close the Automatic function)
Tankless YES
Night Light YES
Rectal Cleaning 60 sec
Bidet Cleaning 60 sec
Oscillating Cleaning Use with remote control;
Automatic back & forth jet
Pulsating Cleaning Use with remote control;
Changes water pressure continuously.
Water Pressure Control 5 Level; 1.0±0.1kg f/cm2
Water Temperature Control Water temperature levels:
5th level 39°C
4th level 36°C
3rd level 33°C
2nd level 30°C
1st level room temperature
Nozzle Position Adjustment 5 Level of length;
Max length: 95mm
Nozzle Cleaning Before and After Use;
Stainless Steel Nozzle;
Removable Nozzle Tap for replacement and cleaning
Heated Seat YES
Seat Temperature Control Min:30; Max:42; Default:36; Power Saver Mode:24
Seat temperature levels:
5th level 40°C±2.5°C
4th level 38°C±2.5°C
3rd level 36°C±2.5°C
2nd level 34°C±2.5°C
1st level 32°C±2.5°C
Off Off
Soft close Seat and Lid Lid can be opened with sensor or remote control & soft closing;
Seat can be opened with remote control
Warm Air Dryer Test requirement:test the peak temperature,5cm from the air outlet,
Warm Air temperature levels:
5th level 50-55°C
4th level 
3rd level 
2nd level 
1st level room temperature
Inlet filtration YES
Power cord length 1.5m
wall distance 300mm /400 mm
certificate : EPCS Watermark
Specifications Voltage: AC220 to 240V 50Hz,Au plug
Toilet size 660*405*535mm
Package size 735*485*705mm
Weight N.W.55KG   G.W.68KG 

Detail photos:

Australian Watermark Intelligent Toilet Seat S300Australian Watermark Intelligent Toilet Seat S300