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Air conditioner Drain Hose Coated 16mm-50m

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  • Made in Australia

  • ceramic Tile with Unique Handmade Look

  • Made for residential and commercial walls

  • Great for kitchen, backsplash, bathroom, shower


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This hose connector is used for the drainage of mini split air conditioners, it is universal and applicable to AC units in different brands. It is also suitable for washing machines, dishwashers, and faucet extensions.

1. Made of soft polyethylene with high resilience, it can recover quickly after being squeezed and can be bent repeatedly. The inside of the pipe is smooth, the liquid can flow freely inside without accumulation.
2. The interface is flexible and can be appropriately stretched, the two water pipes can be connected to lengthen.

Color: Beige
Material: PE
Outer Diameter: 15mm and 17mm
Inner Diameter: 14mm and 16mm 
Length: 50 Meter
Package Content: 1 x Drain Hose