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(6ft x 50ft 100% Virgin Material. Premium Heavy Duty Weed Barrier Fabric for Landscaping, Farming, Gardening and Agriculture. Durable Woven Landscape Fabric

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  • Made in Australia

  • unite durability with style.

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  • Lifetime limited warranty


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why need to use weed fabricwhy need to use weed fabric

Why You Need Landscape Fabric Weed Barrier in Your Garden

  • Woven fabric is an agricultural product that blocks sunlight to kill weeds and to prevent weeds from growing.
  • Weed Barrier works to prevent seeds from falling to the ground and propagating
  • It prevents soil loss and erosion, and has the advantage of increasing the growth rate of crops through moisturizing action.
  • Reduce labor to remove weeds and grow organic crops.




easy cuteasy cut

High Permeability

AGGAFA Weed Barrier has many gaps for air and water to pass through, so it blocks sunlight and suppresses weed growth, and rainwater and air permeate to create an environment where crops can grow well.

Durable through UV Coating

AGGAFA weeding mat is made of PP film yarn in a + shape and has structural strength and UV (Ultraviolet Ray) coating treatment to suppress oxidation caused by UV rays and can be used for up to 5 years.

Easy Installation

Since it is light in weight, it is easy to install and anyone can install it without the help of a professional. To prevent loosening woven string, attach the tape to the location where you want to cut. Cut the tape attachment area with scissors.

Wide Application of Landscape Fabric Weed BarrierWide applicationWide application

Premium 3.2oz Heavy Duty Weed Barrier for Landscaping under the Mulch or Gravel for weed prevention. Optimum solution for weed-free ground cover at Farm plants and Orchard trees, Garden plants and vegetables, Agriculture and Construction