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ABI Interiors

The kitchen is the core of the home. We congregate to raid the fridge and regale the peculiar details of our day over the countertop. The kitchen securely keeps the secret of how many glasses you have really broken and is arguably the most functional part of the house.

Long days start and fun nights end in the kitchen, which is why we need to keep its processes flowing smoothly.

We have collated five of our favourite essential kitchen accessories so that the heart of your home can continue gatekeeping memories with ease.


ABI Interiors

A kitchen colander either rests over the sink or fits within the bowl. These are excellent for washing produce, or even storing your cleaning scourers. The multi-purpose function can reduce the number of utensils you need to buy and provides a hygienic platform to wash or strain your food items.

If you have bought an ABI stainless steel sink, our Felicity Kitchen Sink Colander Accessory features a unique, modern design and is an adept companion for your kitchen. It also comes in four different colours to help suit your colour palette.

If you do not have an ABI sink, you can still measure your existing sink’s dimensions beforehand to check if the Felicity can fit. This item requires no installation and is ready to help make your kitchen a functional powerhouse.


ABI Interiors

Free up some well-needed counter space with a sink drainer. This is a slitted mat that rolls-out above the surface of your kitchen sink. It is especially helpful for a compact kitchen, as you can dry dishes and cutlery without cluttering any valuable space. Dish racks are usually an eyesore, but the slim design of a sink drainer creates less visual protrusions and also avoids the issue of watermarking your benchtop since the water drains directly into the sink.

For those with an ABI stainless steel sink, our Penelope Kitchen Sink Drainer’s modern design features rubber grips to ensure your dishes sit securely.

If you would like the Penelope Kitchen Sink Drainer but don’t have an ABI sink, measure the width of your current sink to ensure that the mat can reach the edges.


ABI Interiors

Is the bottom shelf of your kitchen drawers bursting with hand towels and nondescript items? Or perhaps reaching into the dark cupboards under the sink for paper towels is becoming more and more tedious? Maybe it’s time to install a multi-purpose holder.

You can place hand towels or paper towels onto the fixture to add some extra storage to your kitchen. A compact, single-rail holder can work wonders above a sink or near an oven, as these high mess areas may require easy access to cleaning products.

Our Elysian Hand Towel Holder can revitalise the look of your household necessities with its sleek, modern design. It helps make for an organised and efficient kitchen.


ABI Interiors

A pull-out kitchen mixer is the best way to take advantage of your sink. Especially for those who have a double sink, the retractable hose allows you to reach every crevice of the bowl.

The ergonomic design makes washing dishes a breeze, and may even encourage your children to help too as it’s easier to reach. Don’t limit its advantages to just your kitchen sink, you can use a pull-out mixer to fill a mop bucket, water plants, or replenish your cherished Brita if it doesn’t fit cleanly under your existing tap.

Our favourite fixture is the Elysian Commercial Pull-Out Kitchen Mixer. Its functionality is well matched by the elegant design of the curved spout.


ABI Interiors

Slice and dice inconvenience with a magnetic knife rack. This allows you to keep your coveted cooking knives all in the one spot, where it suits you best.

The concealed slots of a traditional wooden knife block harbour germs more quickly, and tend to dull your knives faster. A magnetic knife rack allows for open-air drying and encounters less friction.

They feature a minimalistic design, both visually and physically. The single magnetic plane frees up counter and drawer space, providing a more streamlined experience for cooking.

If you are looking for a magnetic knife rack that comes in a range of striking finishes, our Kenzo Magnetic Knife Rack comes in four different colours to best suit your kitchen style.

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